Mandat Multiple® : the best way to sell your property

Mandat Multiple® is an exclusive sales mandate distributed across all of the estate agents that are connected to the interagency MLS platform in the region.


These estate agents are grouped together but remain independant, no matter which commercial network or professional organisation they belong to. Each estate agent has signed the Inter Agency Charter. Estate Service CannesBy signing the MLS Charter, Estate Service has undertaken a new approach to property transactions. In accordance with the Charter, your property will be distributed to all of the agencies of the MLS (over 480 agencies on the French Riviera).


These agencies are able to offer your property to their selected client  data base and ensure that information about your property is correctly distributed. Estate Service CannesYou will still deal exclusively with the team at Estate Service for the entire duration of the mandate.


The Mandat Multiple® implies all the advantages with a simple mandate and an exclusive mandate but without their inconveniences. Estate Service CannesBy signing a Mandat Multiple® with Estate Service, you have the guarantee of:


  • Distribute your sales mandate to all of the MLS agencies, within 48 hours of the mandate being signed.
  • Check the reliability and sincerity of the information concerning the property.
  • Facilitate viewing and provide the information concerning the property to the potential purchasers presented by other agencies that belong to the MLS.


By signing a Mandat Multiple® with Estate Service, you have the guarantee of a transaction signed in the shortest possible time, at the best possible price. Estate Service Cannes